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which team is this omg!?

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So can we give a hand to all these celebrities speaking out against feminism? Because they’ve faced countless attacks for simply not wanting to associate with a hate group. It seems as though feminists believe that just because you’re a woman, you owe them something. Yet notice how none of these ladies say they are anti-woman. Yeah, that would be because you do not have to identify as a feminist to support women and equality… and you also certainly don’t owe selling yourself to the feminist movement. Especially because feminism really comes with so many negative connotations because it’s basically turned from a movement for equality into a glorified victim complex that promotes blatant sexism against men and advocates for special consideration and treatment towards women. Most people don’t oppose feminism because they oppose women or advocacy for women. They oppose it because of the harmful philosophies it perpetuates, like Patriarchy theory, and much of the harmful legislation that many feminists advocate for. And of course they probably oppose it because most feminists act like straight up jerks. I think Bjork said it pretty well, it’s more important to be doing positive stuff than complaining all the time.

So feminists, if you really still want people to join your movement, you better clean up your act. Because people right now see feminism for what it really is. And regardless of your dictionary definition of the term, actions speak far louder than words.

"Feminism is about women’s choices!"
>woman says some woman actually prefer traditional gender roles
>woman doesn’t think complaining is productive
>woman doesn’t believe in adverserial gender relations

Of course, feminism’s reaction to things like this just pushes more people away from feminism. In fact, I’ve seen plenty of comments on articles where SJWs bleat “you don’t know what feminism is! Feminism is about equality!” without actually addressing the criticism.

American Horror Story: Ferguson

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